Introduction to Atypical

August 10, 2018


An offbeat take on news in the addiction recovery field

Mary Crocker Cook, Program Coordinator for the San Jose City College Alcohol and Drug Studies Program, and Gary Montrezza, Executive Director of Pathway Society share their take on the ever-developing, and sometimes really odd, news and shifts in the addiction treatment field. Part education and news stories, and part improvisational reactions to the same stories, Mary and Gary entertain as well as inform. Honestly, they find themselves and each other hilarious and encourage the listener to join them in their lively discussions. Each podcast episode will address:

  • Drugs: Why would you use that to get high?
  • News in Addiction Treatment
  • Ethics Code Game: Addiction counselors acting badly are violating WHICH ethical code?
  • Relapse Prevention: Interesting Ways People are Staying Sober
  • Humility check moment this week